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About Us

The Spirit of SAKÉ 23


The Japanese spaces and customs we experience in our travels, influence the spirit of SAKÉ 23. We will transport you East to Japan, with a creative social atmosphere, hand-selected saké list, and a crave worthy menu.

Saké has played an important role in the history and culture of Japan.  It was first brewed over 2300 years ago and, at that time, was considered the “Drink of the Gods”.  Fast forward and it is still the most popular drink in the country but is now available to us all.  At SAKÉ 23, we have taken great care to select 23 of the very best sakés available in the United States today, and our team thrives on educating guests and helping them to find their personal favorite.

Every great spirit is best enjoyed with the right food and SAKÉ 23 boasts simple, but elevated menus, made from only the finest and freshest ingredients.

Don’t fear getting lost in translation; our menus are both creative and accessible. Let us help you discover a new flavor.

SAKÉ 23 offers a little slice of zen in downtown St. Pete.  We combine the elegance of Japanese traditions with the energetic vibe of modern-day Japanese culture and seek to provide a total guest experience, from service, to taste, to atmosphere.  SAKÉ 23 is your refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life; come dine with us or join us for a drink.

Rolls. Ramen. Rice.

An indulgent dining experience

We are confident you will be craving a return visit again and again.